Sadly due to changes in Facebook's API it's no longer possible to fetch a whole list of friends. So sadly I am closing signups. If you have an account you can still sign in and view your old friend lists but you will not be able to add any new ones.

Thank you to to everyone who took the time to use the service.


Who removed me from Facebook?

An easy way to track your Facebook friends. Find out who removed you from Facebook and who you added.

Keep a record of your Facebook friend lists.


Find out who removed and added you.


This site is entirely free to use. I will never share your information or spam you. This is a site I created to keep track of my own friends and I thought perhaps other people might find it useful too. I don't claim it to be perfect or to be 100% accurate, but it seems to work 60% of the time, all the time! My personal blog is Ur-ban.com and you can follow me on Twitter here.